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When I turn on Wholetones TO GO, I get static noise coming from the speaker.

The original version of Wholetones TO GO has two different listening “modes.”

One mode is the FM Radio.  If you are on that mode, you might be hearing radio static until you tune in to a local FM radio station using the Search buttons.  To find a station, first look for the three buttons on the unit.  The Search buttons are the left and right buttons.  Press the buttons until you identify a station you want to listen to.

The other mode plays music from the Memory Card slot on the player.  The memory card that came with the player was pre-loaded with Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.  We recommend that you do not remove the card from the slot.

To change from FM Radio mode to Memory Card mode, push and hold the middle button for 3 seconds.  If the card is properly inserted, Wholetones should begin playing immediately.

(NOTE: Wholetones TO GO, version 2, does not have the radio mode.)

The music stopped playing (or the unit shut off) in the middle of a song.

Wholetones TO GO has a rechargeable battery.  If the unit has stopped playing, it’s likely that the battery needs to be charged.  When the unit is ON and charged, the blue light will glow on the base of the unit.

To charge the battery, use the AC wall charger that came with the unit.  Plug the matching end of the included USB cable into the wall charger, and the other end into the USB port near the bottom edge of the player.  

Once it’s plugged into the wall, it will begin charging automatically.  The base of the unit will glow red while it's charging.  After it has completely charged, the unit should run for 4+ hours before it needs to be recharged again.

Does Wholetones TO GO work while charging?

Yes.  The player will work while charging.

Can Wholetones TO GO be programmed to repeat a song?

The player cannot be programmed to play one song on repeat, but does automatically repeat all 7 frequencies in order.

How long does it take to charge Wholetones TO GO?

ONLY use the included wall charger and cable that came with your Wholetones TO GO unit.  Other chargers (such as mobile phone chargers, etc.) may damage your device.

Charge your Wholetones TO GO unit for 3-4 hours.

Play time on a fully charged Wholetones TO GO should be 4 to 6 hours.

Instructions and Specs for Wholetones TO GO (January 2017), are attached.

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